Ahmed Abdi Godane, Audio Message regarding AMISOM mission, March 2014

Ahmed Abdi Godane AKA Mukhtar Abu Zubair

"The first priority [of the military campaign] is to divide what is left of the country between Ethiopia and Kenya under the guise of regional administrations. The second objective is to loot the natural resources of the country both directly and indirectly through the apostate government," Godane said. "The third objective is to fight against the implementation of sharia under al-Shabaab rule and prevent the people from finding peace and a good life under their religion."

"The fourth one is to once again incite in the country into violence based on communities and tribes after they have become united under the law of God," he said. "Their fifth objective is how Ethiopia can realise its dream of once and for all getting its hands on the coastal areas of Somalia." (Audio Message regarding AMISOM mission) Mohamud, Osman. "Godane Spins AMISOM Military Offensive as Invasion." Sabahi, March 14, 2014, http://sabahionline.com/en_GB/articles/hoa/articles/features/2014/03/14/feature-01.

Ahmed Abdi Godane
Mar. 2014