Abu Musab Al Suri, Al-Qaeda Operations Head, 2004

Abu Musab Al Suri

Lone Wolf Terrorism (from GIR published in 2004): “We ask the Muslim youth to be a terrorist. Why do we ask for such individual terrorism? First because secret hierarchical organizations failed to attract Muslims. The youth fear joining such an organization because if there is a mistake then the authorities will reach them. Second because we need to give the youth the chance to play a role without being part of an organization. Some youth don’t want to join an organization and don’t know how to act on their beliefs. Third due to pressure from the Jews, Crusaders and lapsed Muslim regimes.”Paul Cruickshank, “Abu Musab Al Suri: Architect of the New Al Qaeda,”  Studies in Conflict & Terrorism, 30:1–14, 2007, page 8, Center on Law and Security, NYU School of Law, http://www.lawandsecurity.org/portals/0/documents/abumusabalsuriarchitectofthenewalqaeda.pdf.

Mustafa bin Abd al-Qadir Setmariam Nasar a.k.a Abu Musab Al Suri