Mozilla, Cloudflare, EU Terror Content Regulation||CEP Staff
Mozilla & Cloudflare Endorse Claim Proposed Regulations Will do “Nothing” to Reduce Threats of Terror
Encryption, Apple, David Ibsen, Mark Wallace, Sayed Farook||CEP Staff
Tech Companies Defy Australian & U.K. Governments on Encryption Laws
During the summer of 2017, YouTube launched several initiatives relating to terrorist content on its platform, including the Global Internet Forum to Counter Terrorism (GIFCT)––a partnership with other tech companies aimed at combating extremist content online.
U.K. Parliament, Facebook Investigation, David Ibsen||CEP Staff
Action Comes as Facebook is Also Facing Regulatory Action in Germany & U.S.
Amazon, Violence-Inspiring Conspiracies, David Ibsen||CEP Staff
Amazon’s Record Financial Year Marked by Propensity to Suggest Conspiracy Content
Tech Regulation, Mark Wallace, Anne Applebaum||CEP Staff
Calls for Regulation Mark Cognitive Shift Against Tech Companies