Women's Jihadism in France | Dr. Romain Sèze

Wednesday, Nov 22, 2023

CEP Webinar: The Sociology of Jihadism – Assessing Women and Men Imprisoned for Islamic Terrorism in France | November 22, 2023

Dr. Romain Sèze
Project Manager, French Prison Administration (DAP), France

Based on a survey conducted in prisons, interviews, and the analysis of assessment reports produced by prison administration, Dr. Romain Sèze (French Prison Administration, DAP) has analysed the militant trajectories of 61 women who had been incarcerated for terrorism-related offenses or were considered radicalized. He was also able to access and analyze, together with Prof. Xavier Crettiez, the assessment files of more than 350 male Islamist terrorists who had been placed in so-called quartiers d’évaluation de la radicalization (QER), or areas for the evaluation of radicalization.

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