CEP Webinar: "Transferring Good P/CVE Practices Across Phenomena and Countries" | Part I

Thursday, Jan 27, 2022

Practical experiences and some research studies on knowledge exchange indicate that it seems to be difficult to transfer identified good or inspiring practices across different cultural, legal, political, and social contexts as well as from one country to another. For example, the Danish “Arhus Model” or the Dutch “Safety House” have been serving as role models or points of orientation for many P/CVE multi-agency-approaches in the EU, but there were rarely any actual spin-offs in other countries.

The objective of this webinar therefore was to exchange perspectives and findings on which approaches, tools or rules could help transfer good practices in P/CVE across phenomena, contexts, and countries.

This webinar was the final event in a virtual event series during which CEP, supported by the Federal Foreign Office of Germany, examined the various challenges emanating from the transnational right-wing extremist and terrorist movement.

Nico Schernbeck
Violence Prevention Network (VPN), Senior Advisor on P/CVE, International Affairs and Transnational Cooperation

Robert Örell
Radicalisation Awareness Network (RAN) - leader of the working group on rehabilitation; former director of Exit Sweden and Exit USA

Alexander Ritzmann
Senior Advisor, Counter Extremism Project

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