CEP-GLOBSEC Webinar: Violent Right-Wing Extremism in Czechia | Prof. Miroslav Mareš

Wednesday, Nov 15, 2023

Prof. Miroslav Mareš, Security Analyst, Faculty of Social Studies, Masaryk University
The Extreme Right-Wing in Czechia

November 15, 2023

Right-wing extremist groups and networks have been growing substantially in many European countries in recent years, including in Central Europe. Many of these movements espouse new right-wing extremist narratives, have a pro-Russian stance, and reject globalization as well as what they call “western” values. All of these movements reject human equality and try to institutionalize inequality. There are many common elements between the right-wing extremist movements in Czechia and Slovakia, including a close association of these networks with pro-Russian narratives.

Despite similarities, the right-wing extremist scenes in both countries consist of a diverse set of actors, ranging from political parties to paramilitary groups. Consequently, sources of financing are diverse and include campaign funds, crowd funding, and support from foreign governments. This presents a complex set of challenges for countering the threats that these groups pose. The key challenges are the spread of hateful online content and the interconnectivity between different movements on social media, which accelerates and spreads radicalization, especially of a new generation of right-wing extremist groups.

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