Alexander Ritzmann | CEP Webinar: Western Extremists And The Russian Invasion Of Ukraine In 2022

Wednesday, Jul 20, 2022

On July 20, 2022, the Counter Extremism Project (CEP) hosted a webinar that addressed the major findings of its latest report,Western Extremists and the Russian Invasion of Ukraine in 2022: All Talk, But Not a Lot of Walk, including the existing military and paramilitary structures within Ukraine in which foreigners integrate as well as the reaction of the German and the U.S. extremist scenes to the intensification of the war in Ukraine.

Since 2019, CEP has been monitoring the activities of foreign extremists traveling to Ukraine as well as paramilitary infrastructures in Central and Eastern Europe frequented by these extremists. Following the Russian invasion this year, CEP published an initial assessment and recommendations for actions by governments on how to manage this new situation.



Kacper Rekawek PhD – Postdoctoral fellow at the Center for Research on Extremism (C-REX), University of Oslo, and CEP-affiliated researcher
Overall analysis and situation of foreign fighters in Ukraine

Alexander Ritzmann – CEP senior advisor
Travel of German extremists to the war zone in Ukraine

Joshua Fisher-Birch – CEP research analyst
Reaction of the U.S. extremist scene to the invasion of Ukraine


Dr. Hans-Jakob Schindler – CEP senior director

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Extremists: Their Words. Their Actions.


On December 10, 2019, David Anderson and Francine Graham fatally shot a police detective at the Bay View Cemetery, then attacked the JC Kosher Supermarket and killed three people, in Jersey City, New Jersey. The incident was labeled a terrorist attack and suspected to have an antisemitic motive. Anderson previously belonged to the Black Hebrew Israelite movement, which is accused of trading in antisemitism.

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