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Formed by neo-Nazi nationalists in Sweden in 1997, the Nordic Resistance Movement (Nordiska motståndsrörelsen, or NRM) is a transnational, neo-Nazi organization with official chapters operating in Sweden, Finland, and Norway. The NRM also draws support from neo-Nazis in Denmark and Iceland, though the group has failed to establish formal branches in those countries.* A 2017 report by European anti-racism organization Expo named NRM as the primary force responsible for a rise in neo-Nazi activity in Sweden in 2016.*

The NRM subscribes to a nationalist socialist, or neo-Nazi, ideology that is avowedly anti-Semitic, anti-gay, anti-immigrant, pro-white, and pro-Hitler. The NRM has held numerous anti-immigration rallies, and has hung signs throughout Sweden, Finland, and Norway reading “Refugees Are Not Welcome.”* In its 2015 party platform “Our Path,” the NRM warns that the Nordic states—as well as the entire Western world—are controlled by the “global Zionist elite.”* The NRM thus seeks to “regain power” from that elite and unite the Nordic states into a “Nordic Nation” able to “assert itself militarily, economically and culturally.”*

NRM members reportedly receive martial arts training and are educated on how to respond if fighting arises in the streets.* In addition, the group previously sold a knife inscribed with the maxim “The struggle demands more than only words.”* In a 2016 interview, NRM-Sweden leader Simon Lindberg said that he joined the group because its members are “strong in the streets, they dare to fight back the scum.”* However, Swedish prosecutors believe that three NRM-Sweden members—charged in June 2017 in connection to three bombings on a far-left café and two refugee centers in November 2016 and January 2017—were “dissatisfied” that NRM leadership had not wanted to use violence “to the same extent” as the three men. Prosecutors believe that two of those men had received military training in Russia before returning to Sweden to carry out the bombings, though it is unclear from whom they received training.*

NRM-Sweden officially registered as a political party in July 2015 under the name “Nordiska motståndsrörelsen”—the same name used for the larger NRM-Sweden movement. The group was inspired to enter politics after one of its key members, Pär Öberg, was elected in 2014 as a write-in candidate for the Sweden Democrats party in the Ludvika municipality's local elections.* However, NRM-Sweden is not believed to have made political gains, and the movement is reported to lend most of its efforts to extra-parliamentary activities, such as violence, intimidation, and crime.* Finland banned the NRM in November 2017, but the group has continued to stage demonstrations there while appealing the decision.*


Simon Lindberg is the leader of NRM-Sweden.* Emil Hagberg is the spokesman of NRM-Sweden.* Haakon Forwald is the leader of NRM-Norway.* Tommy Olsen is the deputy leader of NRM-Norway.* Otto Rutanen is the leader of NRM-Finland.* Antti Niemi is the deputy leader of NRM-Finland.*

Simon Lindberg

Haakon Forwald

Tommy Olsen

Otto Rutanen

Antti Niemi

Base of Operations

Sweden, Finland, and Norway*


Membership Size and Relevance

The NRM is believed to comprise between 250 to 300 core members spread throughout Sweden, Norway, and Finland—though the group may attract many more sympathizers.* In November 2016, NRM-Sweden alone drew a total of 600 demonstrators in its largest rally to date.* According to a May 2015 estimate by the Finnish-owned media outlet Yle, NRM-Finland is comprised of approximately 60 to 70 core members.* The Norwegian-owned NRK media company reported in February 2017 that each country's branch contains “a dozen” core activists.*

NRM’s YouTube page had 11,444 subscribers as of March 19, 2019.* Frihetskamp Media’s YouTube page had 685 subscribers as of the same date.* Both accounts have since been deleted.

Recruitment and Propaganda

In recent years, the NRM has capitalized on the influx of refugees from the Middle East and North Africa in an attempt to spread fear, recruit, and further its agenda. According to the anti-racism organization Expo, NRM-Sweden has grown more than one-third in size since the beginning of 2015 by advocating against Sweden's open-door policy to Muslim asylum seekers through anti-immigration rallies and signs throughout Sweden, Finland, and Norway.* The NRM also produces manuals, stickers, leaflets, and flyers, which it distributes at rallies, on the streets, and in mailboxes.*

The NRM has noted that all of its funding comes from “member donations and sympathetic individuals and organizations.”* The NRM specifically requests donations through Frihetskamp, the news website owned and operated by the group's Norwegian branch.*

NRM's Twitter account had approximately 13,700 followers as of July 3, 2018.* Frihetskamp Media's Twitter account had 729 followers, and its YouTube account had 651 subscribers and hosted more than 40 videos, which had collectively received more than 104,000 views.* NRM's YouTube account had more than 11,600 subscribers and hosted more than 400 videos, which had collectively received more than 6.4 million views. Between June 24, 2018, and July 3, 2018, NRM's YouTube account gained 600 subscribers.* NRM’s YouTube and Twitter accounts have since been deleted. NRM-Norway's news website Frihetskamp claims that it receives at least 60,000 unique visitors each month.* The site also claims it “dares to challenge the old, often Jewish owned and/or controlled, mass media empires.”*

Violent Activities

NRM leaders and members have carried out numerous attacks against gay people, Muslim asylum seekers, and the group's ideological adversaries. In 2017, the European NGO Expo found that a quarter of NRM's members had been convicted of violent crime.*


  • NRM Website, June 2017: “The homolobby promotes popular enemy decadence and anti-culture, which helps to undermine and dissolve the natural structures of society. Thus, the very premise of a further existence for our people.”*
  • NRM Manual, August 2016: “The [NRM] has gone to battle against the enemies of the Nordic region, and continuously fights for the freedom and survival of the Nordic people - in a future free and united nation-socialist Nordic region.”*
  • NRM-Sweden spokesman Emil Hagberg in an interview with London's Daily Mail, February 2016: “We are National Socialists [Nazis]. Our main aim is the protection of Sweden's [white] people and culture. We don't want our [white] people to disappear from the earth. People come to us because they see the streets are full of Somalis and Syrians and they are starting to listen to us because we have been warning of the dangers of immigration for years.”*
  • NRM-Sweden leader Simon Lindberg in an interview with National Vanguard, June 2016: “[NRM members are] strong in the streets, they dare to fight back the scum.”*
  • NRM-Sweden official statement praising an attack on refugee children by a mob of Swedish nationalists in Stockholm's central train station, January 2016: “Police have clearly shown that they lack the means to stave off [the refugees'] rampage, and we now see no other alternative than to ourselves hand out the punishments they deserve.”*
  • Party platform, 2015: “From our point of view, National Socialism [Nazism], [as] proven during the short time it held power in Germany, has been the only form of government that has significantly threatened the destructive forces [i.e. Zionism] that rule the world. From 1945 until today, these same destructive forces have continually conducted political genocide against the Nordic and ethnic peoples of Europe. They recognize National Socialism as the chief enemy of their worldview, because it delivers a strategy of survival for our race….”*

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