Counter Narrative Program

Extremists are using the Internet, particularly social media platforms, to spread their message, inspire followers and drive recruitment. Regrettably, extremists such as ISIS, with its successful online propaganda and social media recruitment strategies, are winning the war of words.

In response, CEP is developing a comprehensive and sustained effort to systematically counter and disrupt extremist narratives and recruitment efforts online.

For example, CEP is developing state-of-the-art technological tools to locate, isolate and track extremists’ online conversation. The CEP network is also identifying former extremists and those affected by extremist activity around the globe. These subject matter experts will use the data gleaned from CEP’s digital tools to counter the extremist narrative via active engagement in online and social media platforms.

These counter narrative and disruption resources enable CEP experts to effectively engage in measurable online counter narrative operations and proactively counter extremist recruitment and rhetoric of incitement.