For immediate release | Monday, December 11, 2017

ISIS-Inspired Terrorist Explodes Bomb in New York City Subway Passage

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Media at CEP

(New York, NY) – The Counter Extremism Project (CEP) released the following statement in response to an attempted terrorist attack today near the Port Authority Bus Terminal in New York City:

“This morning’s attempted terror attack reminds us of the influence that ISIS can exert on its followers, propelled by its relentless efforts to propagandize and inspire others to violence online. Though ISIS continues to lose territory in Iraq and Syria, the terror group remains intent on encouraging its followers to carry out lone-wolf attacks abroad, including in New York.

“According to reports, suspect Akayed Ullah, allegedly inspired by ISIS, detonated a pipe bomb in the New York City subway passage beneath the Port Authority Bus Terminal during morning rush hour. The bomb reportedly exploded prematurely, wounding Ullah and three others.  

“While today’s attempted suicide bomber may not have achieved his ultimate goal of afflicting mass casualties, it is nonetheless the second attack in New York City in 41 days inspired by ISIS propaganda. On Halloween, the driver of a rental truck mowed down eight people on a bicycle path in lower Manhattan. A large number of ISIS videos and images were found on his cell phone.”

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