ICYMI: CEP Spotlight On Siege Manifesto Elicits YouTube Response

YouTube Gives Familiarly Weak Response When Probed On Proliferation of Neo-Nazi Manifesto On Its Platform

The Counter Extremism Project (CEP) recently spotlighted Google-owned YouTube’s blind eye toward the neo-Nazi manifesto Siege’s proliferation on its platform.  Even though it is well known to inspire two active neo-Nazi groups, the Atomwaffen Division and the Sonnenkrieg Division, one can find an audiobook of Siege on YouTube.  The book, which calls for violence against the U.S. government, as well as the killing of Jews and people of mixed race, has been viewed or listened to thousands of times.

After CEP’s research was released, 9News reached out to YouTube and received a familiar and tired platitude of protecting free speech – despite Siege’s hate speech and calls for radicalization.  As CEP Executive Director David Ibsen counters, however, the decision to permit access to Siege’s manifesto for violence and terrorism is “patently absurd and emblematic of the typical reactionary half measures we see from tech companies in response to embarrassing revelations in the media.”

Click here for CEP’s Extremism Spotlight about the Siege’s presence on YouTube.

Click here for CEP’s resource on Siege, Atomwaffen Division and Sonnenkrieg Division.

The Neo-Nazi Book Revered By Far-Right That YouTube Won't Take Down [Excerpt]
Mark Saunokonoko
February 5, 2019

9 News

YouTube has refused to take down a rare neo-Nazi manifesto, which is a beloved text of violent far-right groups who lionise Adolf Hitler and cult killer Charles Manson.

The decision of internet giant YouTube has been heavily criticised by a counter-extremist organisation.

Siege, written by American neo-Nazi James Mason and published in 1992, discusses violent race wars, terrorist acts against governments and is loaded with virulently racist and anti-Semitic rhetoric.

When contacted by nine.com.au about the Siege video, a YouTube spokesperson said Mason's neo-Nazi manifesto did not violate its terms of service.

The spokesperson said the pre-playback warning showed Google and YouTube's "tougher stance on videos that are borderline against our policies on hate speech and violent extremism."

YouTube claimed to have removed certain features from the Siege video, such as recommended videos and likes.

"We believe this approach strikes a good balance between allowing free expression and limiting affected videos' ability to be widely promoted on YouTube," the spokesperson told nine.com.au.

However, Counter Extremism Project (CEP), a Washington DC-based think tank, blasted YouTube's stance as "absurd" and dangerous.

"Google's decision is patently absurd and emblematic of the typical reactionary half measures we see from tech companies in response to embarrassing revelations in the media," CEP executive director David Ibsen said.

Mr Ibsen said Google's decision to deploy and display a significant warning about the content showed that Siege was clearly "harmful".

"Nevertheless, YouTube will allow the content, which encourages violence and terrorism, to remain searchable and readily available."


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