Hamas Launches Thousands Of Rockets And Infiltrates Israel

(New York, N.Y.) — Today, in a still developing operation, the U.S.-designated Foreign Terrorist Organization Hamas launched thousands of rockets from Gaza and sent fighters into Israel, infiltrating multiple communities on vehicles. Press reports on the number of Israelis dead vary between several dozen to more than 100. Israeli media outlets are also reporting that Gaza-based militants have taken an unconfirmed number of hostages, potentially both civilian and military, as well. In response, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu declared “we are at war.”

To read the Counter Extremism Project (CEP)’s report, Hamas, please click here.

Hamas seeks to create an Islamist state of Palestine between the Mediterranean Sea and the Jordan River, replacing Israel, which Hamas does not recognize. It does not recognize Israel’s right to exist and has dedicated itself to violently seeking Israel’s destruction. For decades, Hamas has been supported financially and militarily by the Islamic Republic of Iran—which praised the attack. Hamas also receives significant funding from Qatar and is hosted by Turkey, where it has conducted military training exercises, hosted events, and coordinated previous terror attacks.

To read the CEP report, Iran and its Proxies, please click here.

The unprecedented size and scale of the Hamas attack comes amid talks that Israel and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia are working toward normalization. Earlier this week, Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei warned that states normalizing relations with Israel are “betting on a losing horse.”

The attack also comes one day after Israelis marked the 50th anniversary of the start of the Yom Kippur War.

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