Under the 22-year reign of former President Yahya Jammeh, The Gambia specifically harbored financiers of Iran-backed Hezbollah.

The Gambia must clarify its relationship with Hezbollah since Jammeh’s removal from power in 2017. Under Jammeh’s regime, Hezbollah financiers in The Gambia seemingly received government protection. Their status remains unknown under the country’s new government.

CEP calls on The Gambia to arrest, expel, or otherwise cut off support to the following individuals affiliated with Hezbollah:

Hicham Nmer Khanafer

Hezbollah’s U.S.-designated representative in The Gambia.*

Hussain Tajideen

U.S.-designated Hezbollah financier whom the Gambian government twice ordered expelled but whose status in the country remains undetermined.*

Further, The Gambia should clarify its position vis-à-vis Hezbollah, whose operatives have been allowed to use The Gambia’s financial institutions to finance the terror group.


Hezbollah operatives have been discovered living and working in The Gambia, using Gambia-based businesses to finance the terror group's activities. Further, the U.S. government also previously identified the Gambia-based Prime Bank as a subsidiary of Lebanese Canadian Bank, which the United States accused of providing financial support to Hezbollah. Prime Bank was liquidated in 2013.*

Fact Sheet: The Gambia’s Support of Terror Financing

The Gambian government has refused to act against Hezbollah financiers operating in the country.