CEP in den Medien

CEP in den Medien

  • Fascism: The Brown Internationale

    Die ZEIT | February 11, 2021
    The hate preacher lives in a run-down rear building in the heart of Denver, on the second floor through the courtyard to the right. The TV is on. We knock...
  • Transnationaler Rechtsextremismus – Gastbeitrag von A. Ritzmann

    Die ZEIT | February 10, 2021
    Rechtsextreme vernetzen sich zunehmend international. Unser Gastautor berät die Bundesregierung, wie sie mit der daraus entstehenden Gefahr umgehen soll. Hier schlägt er mögliche Gegenstrategien vor.
  • Capitol Riot Puts Spotlight on ‘Apocalyptically Minded’ Global Far Right

    The New York Times | January 24, 2021
    Leaderless but united by racist ideology that has been supercharged by social media, extremists have built a web of real and online connections that worries officials.
  • White House Focuses on Fight Against Domestic Terrorism

    Voice of America | January 22, 2021
    Fears that an untold number of Americans are being radicalized is prompting the administration of U.S. President Joe Biden to take a closer look at efforts to counter domestic extremism...
  • Violent German Far-Right Groups' Recruitment Aided By Lockdown Frustrations

    Voice of America | January 19, 2021
    Violent far-right groups are using rising frustration with pandemic lockdowns in their recruitment efforts, German officials fear.
  • Lawmakers call for tougher EU disinformation laws in wake of US riots

    Euractiv | January 08, 2021
    Lawmakers in the European Parliament have raised concerns at the role that social media played in the storming of the US Capitol in Washington, saying the EU’s proposed Digital Services...
  • Far right seizing COVID-19 ‘opportunity’ to expand: Study

    Al Jazeera | November 20, 2020
    Far-right individuals in Europe and the United States are increasingly forming global links and using the coronavirus pandemic to attract anti-vaccine activists and conspiracy theorists to their cause, a study...
  • CEP-Studie: Transnationale, apokalyptisch gesinnte rechtsextreme Bewegung

    Die WELT | November 20, 2020
    Es war nicht nur Bundesinnenminister Horst Seehofer (CSU), der im Juli den Rechtsextremismus zur „größten Bedrohung der Sicherheit“ erklärte. Auch das FBI nannte 2019 das „tödlichste Jahr aufgrund des inländischen...
  • The coming spike in European terror

    Euractiv | November 13, 2020
    COVID-19 has been a boon to extremist groups across the world. In Europe, leaders need to wake up and tackle the growing threat of terrorism, argues Sofi Heikkinen.
  • Fear of a fresh ISIS attack strategy grips Europe

    The National | November 03, 2020
    A string of ISIS terrorist attacks across Europe, which have left at least seven dead, is thought to be part of a carefully-planned pre-lockdown strategy by the group.

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Yahya Sinwar, Leader of Hamas in Gaza Apr. 2, 2020
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