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Extremism News Roundup

September 27, 2022

Eye on Extremism: September 27, 2022

“Senior Muslim cleric Sheikh Youssef al-Qaradawi, a spiritual leader for the Muslim Brotherhood and defender of Arab Spring revolts, died on Monday at age 96, according to a post on his official Twitter account. Born in Egypt in 1926, Qaradawi spent...

Extremism News Roundup

September 26, 2022

Eye on Extremism: September 26, 2022

“A suicide bombing by al-Qaeda-linked militants killed at least 11 people at a Somali army training camp, the latest assault to rock the capital as the president vows to stamp out a years-long insurgency. The blast at the facility in Mogadishu on...

Extremism News Roundup

September 23, 2022

Eye on Extremism: September 23, 2022

“A second man is now wanted on suspicion of involvement in a mass shooting that killed two people and wounded 21 in and around an Oslo gay bar in June, Norwegian police said on Friday. "The hypothesis that it was an act of terrorism has now been...

Extremism News Roundup

September 22, 2022

Eye on Extremism: September 22, 2022

“The Iraqi foreign minister urged Western countries to continue chasing the remnants of ISIS until the organization is completely eliminated because it presents a threat to humanity. “We must take it seriously because, when they started, they were...

Extremism News Roundup

September 21, 2022

Eye on Extremism: September 21, 2022

“New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern on Wednesday announced a new research initiative under a global project aimed at tackling online hate set up in the wake of a mass killing by a white supremacist in Christchurch in 2019. Ardern said in a...

Extremism News Roundup

September 20, 2022

Eye on Extremism: September 20, 2022

“Six men with alleged links to a sympathizer of the Islamic State group who carried out a deadly shooting in Vienna in 2020 will go on trial next month, a court in the Austrian capital said Monday. Four people were killed in the attack on Nov. 2...

Extremism News Roundup

September 19, 2022

Eye on Extremism: September 19, 2022

“Afghanistan's Taliban freed on Monday American engineer Mark Frerichs in exchange for an Afghan tribal leader linked to the Taliban who the United States had held on drugs charges since 2005, the group's acting foreign minister said. Frerichs was...

Extremism News Roundup

September 16, 2022

Eye on Extremism: September 16, 2022

“The Taliban have summarily executed members of a resistance group fighting against their harsh rule in Afghanistan. A video filmed and shared on the Taliban's group chats shows a group of five blindfolded fighters who have their hands tied behind...

Extremism News Roundup

September 15, 2022

Eye on Extremism: September 15, 2022

“Hamdi Alqudsi has been found guilty of planning a series of attacks as leader of a Sydney terrorist organisation known as the Shura in 2014. The verdict was handed down by a NSW Supreme Court jury on Thursday. Alqudsi knowingly directed the...

Extremism News Roundup

September 14, 2022

Eye on Extremism: September 14, 2022

“California Governor Gavin Newsom said on Tuesday he had signed a bill into law requiring transparency of social media companies, a move that could draw criticism from tech firms and industry groups. The law, AB-587, will require social media...

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