Muhannad al-Najdi

Saudi-born Muhannad al-Najdi is a U.S.-designated member of al-Qaeda. Al-Najdi traveled to Syria in 2013, prior to which he facilitated and planned attacks in Afghanistan. Since at least 2010, al-Najdi developed improvised explosive devices for use in Afghanistan and Syria.“Narrative Summaries of Reasons for Listing,” United Nations Security Council, February 29, 2016,

On September 24, 2014, the U.S. Department of State designated al-Najdi as a Specially Designated Global Terrorist pursuant to Executive Order 13224.“Individuals and Entities Designated by the State Department Under E.O. 13224,” U.S. Department of State, accessed May 5, 2016, On March 3, 2016, the European Union designated al-Najdi as an al-Qaeda associate, pursuant Council Regulation (EC) No 881/2002.“Commission Implementing Regulation (EU) 2016/647,” March 3, 2016, On April 20, 2016, the United Nations added al-Najdi to its “Al-Qaida Sanctions List.”“Narrative Summaries of Reasons for Listing,” United Nations Security Council, February 29, 2016,

Also Known As

Extremist entity
Type(s) of Organization:
Non-state actor, religious, terrorist, transnational, violent
Ideologies and Affiliations:
Jihadist, pan-Islamist, Qutbist, Salafist, Sunni, takfiri

Al-Qaeda’s 9/11 attacks was the deadliest ever on American soil, killing nearly 3,000 people. Since the fall of the Taliban, al-Qaeda has established operations worldwide, including in Syria, the Gulf, North Africa, West Africa, East Africa, and the Indian subcontinent.

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