Amal a.k.a. @BintRose52

Amal is a Twitter personality and propagandist for ISIS. Her accounts are continually suspended by Twitter, but she is able to resurface after a few hours under another iteration of her “@BintRose” handle. With each new profile’s first tweet, Amal includes a screenshot of her previous suspension notice and a photo of ISIS-logo accessories.

She regularly derides kuffar (nonbelievers), and particularly British society:

Amal has tweeted complaints about “mass suspensions” of her and her Twitter counterparts,Amal, Twitter, accessed June 23, 2015, and has taunted Twitter admins, asking, “when do you finally get that we always come back, no matter how often you suspend our acc?!”Amal, Twitter post, August 31, 2015, 12:51 p.m.,

She frequently promotes the accounts of fellow jihadist Twitter propagandists. Most of her tweets avidly support ISIS, often advocating jihad and defending the actions of the terror group. She has claimed that “Allah” is responsible for the terror group’s success.Amal, Twitter, accessed June 23, 2015,

Amal has shared photos of ISIS’s actions, such as the extreme Quranic practice of cutting off a thief’s hand:

She has denounced “coconuts,” a derogatory term used by Islamists to describe moderate Muslims.

Amal does not disclose her place of residence on her Twitter profile.BintRose10, Twitter, accessed June 23, 2015, However, a follower once tweeted to her and implied that she lived in Austria, to which Amal tweeted a response, urging to keep such information private.BintRose10, Twitter, accessed June 23, 2015, Her first tweet on @bintrose10 contained a picture of her suspension notice, which was written in German.BintRose10, Twitter, accessed June 23, 2015, Nevertheless, the majority of her tweets are written in English.BintRose10, Twitter, accessed June 23, 2015,

Amal writes poorly of her country, highlighting what she perceives to be its rejection of haqq (“truth” in Arabic).

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