Ziad al-Nakhalah, January 27, 2023

Jan. 27, 2023

Statement in response to a January 26 Israeli raid in Jenin that killed at least 10 Palestinians, including several PIJ fighters:

“This is a day of jihad and a day of the Palestinian people who did not stop fighting and resisting, and the martyrs today are leading the ranks and shaping our future with their unity, blood and fighting.

“We will not be broken and we will not back down, despite the pain, and our flags will remain raised and our guns ready to fight and defend the Palestinian people and their sacred goals.”“Palestine Islamic Jihad Movement condemns Israel massacre in Jenin refugee camp,” Middle East Monitor, January 27, 2023, https://www.middleeastmonitor.com/20230127-palestine-islamic-jihad-movement-condemns-israel-massacre-in-jenin-refugee-camp/.

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On March 25, 2017, as Bangladesh Armed Forces raided a militant hideout in South Surma Upazila, Bangladesh, militants detonated two bombs in a crowd of 500-600 onlookers. The attack, claimed by ISIS, killed four civilians and three police officers, and injured 50 others.

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