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After the New Zealand mosque attacks, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg issued a vague call for governments and regulators to become involved in censoring harmful content online. However, Mr. Zuckerberg’s call was intentionally heavy on idealism and rhetoric, and light on specifics. Facebook and other tech giants cannot be permitted to hide behind their PR spin tactics and must support words with action.

If Facebook and other tech giants are sincere about making the Internet safer and more secure, then they must be prepared to not only support specific legislative and regulatory proposals, but to pledge to not spend any more money or time lobbying against government regulation. Rather than simply issuing platitudes, these tech companies must lead by example and allow lawmakers to discuss and negotiate—without industry interference—the most appropriate laws to promulgate in the interest of keeping citizens safe.

Please sign the petition today and help us call on tech companies to withhold their lobbying efforts against government regulation.