Stanislav Anatolyevich Vorobyev, January 2015

Jan. 2015
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Stanislav Anatolyevich Vorobyev

“Ukrainian nationalists are separatists. Ukrainian nationalism is an ideology used by the Bolsheviks against the Russian people… There is no Ukraine, there is New Russia [Novorosia]. Even the name ‘Ukraine’ is what the Poles called their extreme territories. The official name for this territory was Russian Voivodeship…Ukrainian nationalists are mainly young people born 23 years ago who are brainwashed.”Stanislav Vorobyev, Interview by Artem Alexandrov, ZakS.Ru, January 30, 2015,

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Extremists: Their Words. Their Actions.


On October 28, 2019, a car bomb detonated in Suluk, Syria, killing one civilian and wounding seven others. That same day, a mine exploded in Cobaney, leaving one person dead and three others injured. Kurdistan Worker’s Party (PKK) claimed responsibility for both attacks.

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