PIJ statement, November 12, 2017

PIJ statement

“It is our right to respond to any aggression, including the right to respond to the crime of attacking the tunnel east of Dir al-Balah, where 12 Mujahideen from Al-Qassam and Saraya al-Quds fell. To clarify the matter, our children and our people are also dear to us, as are our leaders, and the terrorism and the threats of the enemy do not frighten us. The settler is a murderer and a criminal and must understand that his hands are stained with the blood of our children and will not stop killing until he is cut off or he leaves our land.”Avraham Gold, “IDF: We Will ‘Respond With Force’ to Threats From Palestinian Islamic Jihad,” Jerusalem Post, November 12, 2017, https://www.jpost.com/Arab-Israeli-Conflict/IDF-We-will-respond-with-force-to-threats-from-Palestinian-Islamic-Jihad-514017.

Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ)
Nov. 12, 2017