Musa (Robert) Cerantonio, Facebook post, March 16, 2014

Musa (Robert) Cerantonio

“[W]hich law is it that the FSA wishes to implement, and which law do we see them implement at the moment in the areas which they rule? Among them are secularists, democrats, even Christians and other disbelievers. The FSA rules by laws other than the Law of Allah, and they hoist high the banner of nationalism, and remove the banner of the Word of Allah. So how can it be said that they are fighting a Jihad by any sane believer? No, rather it is Jihad to fight them and to remove them from power, along with their laws of falsehood and tyranny.” (Facebook post)Joseph A. Carter, Shiraz Maher, and Peter R. Neumann, “#Greenbirds: Measuring Importance and Influence in Syrian Foreign Fighter Networks,” International Centre for the Study of Radicalisation, April 2014, 26,

Musa Cerantonio
Mar. 16, 2014