Mohammed Hamzah Khan, Letter to his parents before his departure, October 2014

Oct. 2014
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Mohammed Hamzah Khan

Letter to his parents before his departure:

“We are all witness that the western societies are getting more immoral day by day. I extend an invitation to my family to join me in the Islamic States. True, it is getting bombed, but let us not forget that we didn’t come to this world for comfort.”Kevin Sullivan, “Three American teens, recruited online, are caught trying to join Islamic State,” Washington Post, December 8, 2014,

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Extremists: Their Words. Their Actions.


On January 27, 2020, Turkish security forces arrested five People’s Protection Units (YPG) members who were allegedly plotting terrorist attacks in Tal Abyad, northern Syria. During the raid, forces recovered weapons, digital materials, and documents relating to the terror group.   

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