Masked ISIS fighter, February 15, 2015, “A Message Signed with Blood to the Nation of the Cross,” video showing the beheading of 21 Egyptian Coptic Christians in Libya

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Masked ISIS fighter

“O people, recently, you've seen us on the hills of al-Sham and Dabiq's plain, chopping off the heads that have been carrying the cross for a long time, filled with spite against Islam and Muslims. And today, we are on the south of Rome, on the land of Islam, Libya, sending another message… Therefore, we will fight you all together, until the war lays down its burdens and Jesus, peace be upon him, will descend, breaking the cross, killing the swine, and abolishing jizya [non-Muslim tax]. And the sea you've hidden Sheikh Osama bin Laden's body in, we swear to Allah we will mix it with your blood.”“IS Releases Video Showing the Beheading of Kidnapped Egyptian Christians in Libya,” INSITE Blog on Terrorism & Extremism, February 15, 2015,


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We must use our privilege as humans to fight back against the system that keeps animals oppressed... They can’t wait. The earth can’t wait. Get off your ass and FIGHT.

Animal Liberation Front (ALF), ALF statement Jul. 23, 2019
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