Hamza bin Laden, January 2018

Jan. 2018
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Hamza bin Laden

Excerpt from a video where he denounces Saudi Arabia’s alliance with the West and uniting with the British Empire against the Ottoman Empire:

“So look—may Allah have mercy on you—how Ibn Saud made himself an obedient representative to the British occupant power, and an agent to it, where he surrendered everything that he can surrender in return for receiving money and weapons from it to fight the allies of the Ottomans. So would it be right after all this for him to become an idol for the Islamic Ummah? Through this, Ibn Saud terminated his loyalty to the Islamic Ummah outside his borders, and made himself a delegate for the Crusaders and a representative for them.”Cristina Maza, “Hamza bin Laden, Osama’s Son, Denounces Saudi Arabia, Calls for Overthrow of Monarchy in New Al-Qaeda Video,” Newsweek, January 19, 2018, https://www.newsweek.com/hamza-bin-laden-osama-saudi-785121.


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