Disguised ISIS city charter for Mosul, June 2014

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Disguised ISIS city charter

“To those of you who ask, who are you? The answer: We are the soldiers of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria . . . who took it upon ourselves to bring back the glory of the Islamic Caliphate and turn back injustice and indignity.”

“Whoever hated us yesterday is safe, unless he rejects, fights or abandons Islam… [Those who oppose their new rulers will be] “killed, crucified or have their hands and feet cut off.”Loveday Morris and Liz Sly, “Iraq disintegrating as insurgents advance toward capital; Kurds seize Kirkuk,” Washington Post, June 13, 2014, http://www.washingtonpost.com/world/middle_east/iraq-disintegrating-as-insurgents-advance-kurds-seize-kirkuk/2014/06/12/22e79e2b-f793-4120-8161-36f17c287e5f_story.html.


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On September 26, 2018, an improvised explosive device planted at the foot of a bridge exploded, killing eight soldiers in the lead vehicle of a Burkinabe military convoy traveling in northern Burkina Faso. 

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