Afghanistan Content Report: February 17 – February 23

Afghanistan Content Report

February 17 – February 23

Please note that all items this issue are concerning ISIS-K

Table of contents

  1. ISIS Al-Naba Newsletter Edition 431, Published February 22, 2024
  2. Pro-ISIS Online Chatter
  3. ISIS Amaq Statements
  4. ISIS Propaganda Video, “And Fight Against the Disbelievers Collectively,” Released February 18, 2024

Main points (Pro-ISIS online chatter)

  • The Taliban do not enforce religious law and have sought to appease the West. 
  • A Taliban member was spotted in Kabul with a large quantity of cash in a clear plastic bag. This incident is portrayed as an example of corruption.
  • Weapons stockpiles maintained by the Taliban are insecure.
  • The first official ISIS video from Khorasan Province since December 2022 was released on February 18.

1. ISIS Al-Naba Newsletter Edition 31, Published February 22, 2024

  • There were no ISIS-K news items in this week’s al-Naba.

2. Pro-ISIS Online Chatter

  • February 17: Pro-ISIS post on Telegram stating that the Taliban protect the border with Iran and protect the institutions of religious minorities (specifically mentioning Hindu temples) from attacks. 

[Above text: “Taliban and Iran confirmed mutual cooperation, and the Iranian delegation expressed its satisfaction with the cooperation carried out by the Taliban border forces.”]

“#Taliban_Guardians_of_Al-Qaeda. After protecting the Americans and securing their exit from Afghanistan, then protecting the Hindu temples from strikes by the monotheists.

“Today, they have become the protectors of the borders of the Rafidah state, cursing the companions and insulting the honor of the Messenger, may God bless him and grant him peace.

“Is there not a shred of shame left in them for the blood of the Sunnis and their honor that the Shiites shed and violated everywhere?

“We seek refuge in God from insolence and betrayal.”

  • February 17: Pro-ISIS post on Telegram stating that Bashir Noorzai, a former Taliban drug lord, is now working with Chinese companies to improve relations between Afghanistan and China.

“#Khorasan. ‘Pablo Escobar of Asia. The renegade drug lord Hajj Bashir Noorzai, who created a drug production and smuggling cartel, is now responsible for strengthening relations between China and the renegade #Taliban militia.

“I mention that the officer was imprisoned in America and came out in agreement with the apostate militia.”

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  • February 17: Pro-ISIS post on Telegram stating that a court sentenced a person to 20 lashes in public for “indecency.” The post also noted that the same individual had served a 10-month prison sentence for adultery.

“Khorasan. The Supreme Court of the apostate Taliban militia announced that the court of first instance [city court] today, in the Jalrez area of Maidan Wardak Province, flogged a person in public with 20 lashes on charges of indecency.

“The adulterer had served his 10-month prison sentence, and today’s flogging marked the end of his sentence.”

  • February 18: Pro-ISIS post on Telegram claiming that a Taliban member was spotted in Kabul “carrying money in a transparent bag.”

“#contemplation. The apostate #Taliban militia filmed one of its members carrying money in a transparent bag roaming the streets of Kabul, claiming security, safety, and lack of crime.”

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  • February 18: Pro-ISIS post on Telegram claiming that there were “two successive explosions” in Kabul.

“#Khorasan. Two successive explosions sounded in Kabul.”

  • February 18: Pro-ISIS post on Telegram praising an ISIS video from Khorasan Province released on February 18 and encouraging followers to share it.

“O God, bless us with the men of Khorasan. May God whiten your faces on the day when faces will be blackened and bless your forearms that have ablution. It is a release that heals the breasts of a believing person.

“O knights of communication, spread the publications, for it combines preaching and fighting, and makes clear the condition of the infidels, for it is a source of inspiration. Spread and anger the enemies of God.”

  • February 18: Pro-ISIS post on Telegram consisting of a clip that allegedly shows a Shiite man being beheaded. The clip is taken from the video released on February 18. The screenshot below has been blurred.

“The Rafidhi are like a sheep. No matter how long it lives, it will eventually be slaughtered.”

  • February 18: Pro-ISIS post on Telegram, consisting of a clip from the February 18 video, stating that ISIS-K will attack the Taliban.

A letter to the Taliban infidels signed in blood.”

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  • February 22: Pro-ISIS post on Telegram claiming that seven million weapons have disappeared from Taliban stockpiles. The post noted that after local media reported this, Akhundzada ordered that the Taliban verify all weapons ownership.

“#Khorasan. The disappearance of 7 million weapons from the stores of the apostate Taliban militia.

“After the news was circulated by local channels, the militia tyrant, the hidden [Hibatullah Akhundzada], issued an order to hand over weapons to all militia members and verify their ownership of them.”

  • February 22: Pro-ISIS post on Telegram criticizing a Taliban video that allegedly shows Taliban soldiers biting light bulbs to show toughness. The post stated that the Taliban are concerned with pageantry while Israel attacks Gaza.

“#contemplation. The Jews slaughtered half of the Gaza Strip, and the fools of the apostate Taliban militia are busy eating light bulbs.”

  • February 22: Pro-ISIS post on Telegram criticizing members of the Taliban for allegedly walking around Kabul carrying cash in translucent plastic bags. The post indicates that the Taliban are corrupt and have no shame.

“#Khorasan. Take a picture of me and I do not care.

“Abhorrent propaganda: Donkeys are made to follow mules. They promote themselves as walking around with transparent bags full of money and claim that security, contentment, satiety, contentment, sustenance, bliss, joy, joy, joy, pride, flowers, anemones, and chrysanthemums, white and of different colors, the murmur of water and the chirping of birds, are available, spread out, piled up, and crammed in thanks to them and no one else.

“And here I am, ready to cut off my third hand, my left leg, and my fifth leg. Behind the pictured animal is half the number of members of the apostate Taliban militia, standing guard, ready to pounce on anyone who dares to look at the bag while saliva is dripping from it.

Think like a Deobandi mule.”

  • February 23: Pro-ISIS post on Telegram that shows an edited photo of Hibatullah Akhundzada from 2022. The photo has had a plastic bag with money added.

“#Khorasan. The tyrant of ministers of the apostate #Taliban militia carries a transparent bag with a million dollars in American aid, comfortably and safely.”

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  • February 23: Pro-ISIS post on Telegram stating that the Taliban released a statement in English following the public executions of two men the previous day. The post noted that the Taliban is worried about upsetting their financial supporters and wants the “understanding” of the West.

“#Khorasan. #News: The apostate #Taliban militia executed two men yesterday.

“So, the world was established against it by its supporters with money from infidel organizations and the protector of the cross.

“Today, the Supreme Court of the apostate militia, for the first time, issued a statement in English justifying the execution and hoping for the understanding of the infidel West.”

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3. ISIS Amaq Statements

There were no Amaq claims of responsibility for Afghanistan between February 17 and February 23.

4. ISIS Propaganda Video, “And Fight Against the Disbelievers Collectively,” Released February 18, 2024

On February 18, ISIS released a propaganda video from their self-proclaimed Khorasan Province. The video, which is 55 minutes and 37 seconds long, is in Pashto. The video includes footage of ISIS-K attacks against the Taliban and the prior Afghan government. The video also includes prior unreleased footage of several ISIS-K attackers and showcases the December 2022 assault on the Kabul Longan Hotel, popular with Chinese nationals. The video also includes footage of assassinations and executions, including the execution of a Shiite man in Kunduz. It concludes with the beheading of alleged Taliban members and two individuals accused of being Taliban spies.

The last official ISIS video from Khorasan Province (not from al-Azaim Media) was released in December 2022 as part of a multiprovince series that showed ISIS fighters pledging their allegiance to Abu al-Hussain al-Hussaini al-Qurashi.

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