Adil al-Abab, Former Chief Religious Cleric, Winter 2010

Adil al-Abab

“This is why we target the [Yemeni] soldiers of evil... We target them because their eyes are awake guarding the rule that is the reason behind the violation of the rights of Allah and the rights of the creation. They are the eyes that guard the laws that compete with the laws of Allah and go against the rule of Qur'an. They are the ones guarding the places of disbelief such as the parliament... [The rulers of the Arabian Peninsula] are ruling with laws other than shari'ah and accepting the laws of the disbelievers and changing the laws of Allah and therefore they should be fought against along with their soldiers who are defending them and fighting for them.”“Q&A with Shaykh Adil al-Abbab,” Inspire Magazine 4 (2010): 21.