Abu Waala al Wa’eli, KSS Secretary-General, August 2019

Aug. 2019
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Abu Waala al Wa’eli

“The easiest thing for me to do, if I were considering a disproportionate retaliation [for attacks on the PMU]… Just like drones bombed our bases, as well as our men near the Syrian border and our camp in Amerli, the easiest thing for us to do would be to send drones, armed with the same weapons or even better ones, and bomb their embassy and all their military bases.”“Iraqi Shiite Militia Leader Abu Alaa Al-Walai: If U.S.-Iran War Breaks Out, We Will Fight alongside Iran, All Americans in Iraq Will Be Held Hostages by the Resistance; We Could Easily Send Drone to Strike (U.S.) Embassy,” Middle East Media Research Institute, August 28, 2019, https://www.memri.org/tv/iraqi-shiite-militia-leader-walai-sayyid-shuhada-battalions-war-america-iran-side.

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Extremists: Their Words. Their Actions.


On May 23, 2016, two suicide bombings at a military base in Aden, Yemen, killed at least 45 army recruits and injured approximately 60 people. ISIS claimed responsibility for the attack.   

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