Abu Waala al Wa’eli, KSS Secretary-General, August 2019

Aug. 2019
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Abu Waala al Wa’eli

“If fighting broke out between Satan and America, I would stand with Satan, because America is the Greater Satan.”“Iraqi Shiite Militia Leader Abu Alaa Al-Walai: If U.S.-Iran War Breaks Out, We Will Fight alongside Iran, All Americans in Iraq Will Be Held Hostages by the Resistance; We Could Easily Send Drone to Strike (U.S.) Embassy,” Middle East Media Research Institute, August 28, 2019, https://www.memri.org/tv/iraqi-shiite-militia-leader-walai-sayyid-shuhada-battalions-war-america-iran-side.

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Extremists: Their Words. Their Actions.


On May 8, 2019, Taliban insurgents detonated an explosive-laden vehicle and then broke into American NGO Counterpart International’s offices in Kabul. At least seven people were killed and 24 were injured.

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