Abu Haleema, YouTube video, “Allying with the kuffar,” July 15, 2015

Jul. 15, 2015
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Abu Haleema

YouTube video, “Allying with the kuffar”

“Do not ally with the Jews and Christians. They are only allies to one another. And whoever allies with one of them, is one of them. All of those who work with the police in counterterrorism strategies are kuffar [nonbelievers].”“Allying with the Kuffar,” YouTube video, 2:11, posted by “Abu Haleema,” July 15, 2015, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kJs-TKcjvqM.

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Extremists: Their Words. Their Actions.


On May 8, 2019, Taliban insurgents detonated an explosive-laden vehicle and then broke into American NGO Counterpart International’s offices in Kabul. At least seven people were killed and 24 were injured.

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