Abu Abdul Ilah Ahmed, Head of AQIM Media, April 15, 2013

Abu Abdul Ilah Ahmed

“We Alhamdulillah are as one body who defend the honor of Islam and repel every aggressor and invader to the land of the Muslims and if France plans to fight Al-Qaeda isolated from mujahid Jamaats and the aid of the Ummah coming to the fields of jihad, then it has miscalculated, and if it quickly forgot the lessons of Afghanistan then the heroes of Islam and in north and west of Africa, are ready to give it correction lessons for free.”Casey Britton, “AQIM: Answers to Open Meeting with Sheikh Abu Abdul Ilah Ahmad,” WorldAnalysis.net, April 19, 2013, http://worldanalysis.net/modules/news/article.php?storyid=2197.

Abu Abdul Ilah Ahmad