Abdul Alim Musa, Interview with the Iranian state-owned news outlet Press TV, May 29, 2014

Abdul Alim Musa

“We view Islamophobia from the position of what we call the ‘Triangle of Terror.’ The Triangle of Terror in the world today relates to, number one, the United States’ government. When the triangle wants to invade our countries, like Iraq or Afghanistan, in a military way, it’s done by the United States of America.

Number two is the Zionist state of Israel and its media outlets all over the world; that is ‘image management,’ that is ‘perception management.’ It is the Zionists giving a picture of Islam and Muslims that justifies the invasion by the United States of Muslim peoples.

And number three is Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia is the inter-fitna initiator amongst the Muslims. Whether we have bombings and killings of Shia centers in Iraq; whether we have the support of murderous, barbarous Takfiri forces in Syria fighting against the government; where there is bombings in Pakistan; where there is websites; where there is Saudi Arabian support of the regime in Bahrain.” (Interview with the Iranian state-owned news outlet Press TV)“‘Triangle of Terror’ spreads Islamophobia - mosque imam,” Panorama Am, May 29, 2014, http://www.panorama.am/en/interviews/2014/05/29/abdul-alim-musa/.

Abdul Alim Musa
May 29, 2014