Eye on Extremism: May 10, 2023

Anadolu Agency: Neo-Nazis, Far-right Extremists Committed 23,493 Crimes In Germany Last Year: Report

“Neo-Nazis and far-right extremists committed 23,493 crimes in Germany last year, the government said on Tuesday. German Interior Minister Nancy Faeser presented the government’s report on politically motivated crimes at a news conference in Berlin. ‘I am particularly concerned that there has been a sharp increase in attacks against refugees,’ Faeser said, pointing out that such attacks increased by 9% last year. ‘It is extremely inhumane to attack people who have fled from war and terror, and found protection in our country. Right-wing extremism continues to pose a particularly high risk,’ she said. According to the report, neo-Nazis and right-wing extremists carried out 1,170 violent attacks last year targeting migrants, refugees, or political opponents. At least 675 people were injured in those attacks.”

Reuters: Tunisia Synagogue Attack Toll Up To 6, Local Media Says

“A Tunisian security officer wounded in Tuesday's shooting attack outside a synagogue on the Tunisian island of Djerba has died, TAP news agency reported on Wednesday citing hospital sources, bringing the death toll to six including the shooter. The attacker, a National Guard member, killed a colleague at a naval installation then travelled to the synagogue where an annual Jewish pilgrimage is taking place and opened fire on police and visitors before he was shot dead. Two Jewish cousins, one French and the other Israeli-Tunisian, were killed, along with one police officer who died at the scene and another in hospital on Wednesday.”

United States

Fox News: US Officials Attend Event Whose Guest List Includes Known Terrorist Responsible For Murder Of US Troops

“Senior officials with the U.S. State Department appeared at a forum in Iraq that featured a known terrorist as its keynote speaker. Alina Romanowski, the U.S. ambassador to Iraq, and Barbara Leaf, the assistant secretary of state for Near Eastern Affairs, attended and spoke at the Iraq Forum last week, despite the event featuring Qais al-Khazali, who is listed by the State Department as a specially designated global terrorist, according to a report from the Long War Journal. Khazali, an active Shia terrorist, leads the group known as Asaib Ahl al-Haq, or the League of the Righteous, which has also been classified as a foreign terrorist organization. Khazali has long been known for arming and training Iranian-backed militias that have carried out several attacks against U.S. troops for more than a decade, including the 2006 attack against the Karbala Provincial Joint Communications Center in Iraq that resulted in the murders of five U.S. soldiers after plans to kidnap them and bring them to Iran fell through.”


Tasnim News Agency: Two Daesh Terrorists Eliminated By Syrian Security Forces In Daraa Province

“Two ringleaders of the Daesh (ISIL or ISIS) terrorist group who had carried out assassinations, planted explosive devices, and launched repeated attacks on civilians and military personnel in Syria’s Daraa City were eliminated. The terror leaders who were also responsible for planting numbers explosive devices that targeted civilians and military personnel, were killed while attempting to monitor military posts, using a stolen agricultural vehicle for camouflage, in the plains between the towns of Tafas and Atman in the countryside of Daraa. ‘Through careful follow-up and continuous pursuit of Daesh terrorists, two of the most dangerous leaders of the terrorist organization, Hassan al-Hayek and Nabil al-Abdullah, were ambushed,’ a security source told Syrian Arab News Agency. The weapons that were in the possession of the terrorists were confiscated, some of which were Israeli-made, and their weapons included automatic rifles, military pistols, and a ‘Sonobal’ machine gun, the source said.”


Anadolu Agency: Turkish Intelligence ‘Neutralizes’ Senior PKK Terrorist In Northern Iraq

“A senior PKK/KCK terrorist was ‘neutralized’ in a Turkish intelligence operation in Iraq’s northern Gara region, security sources said on Wednesday. Türkiye’s National Intelligence Organization (MIT) ‘neutralized’ Muslum Urper, a so-called special forces operative of the terror group, according to security sources who requested anonymity due to restrictions on speaking to the media. Urper, codenamed Soro Guyi, joined the organization in 2013 and took part in street protests in Türkiye. The terrorist later went to Syria, where he took part in many actions against Türkiye.”


Committee To Protect Journalists: Taliban Detains 4 Afghan Journalists In Khost Province

“On Monday, May 8, the provincial directorate of the Taliban-controlled Ministry for the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice in the eastern province of Khost detained four journalists after summoning them for questioning, according to the exile-based media support group Afghanistan Journalists Center and the London-based broadcaster Afghanistan International. Authorities accused the journalists of violating the Taliban’s media policies, according to the AFJC report, which cited an anonymous source that did not specify which policies they allegedly violated. CPJ could not immediately determine where the journalists are being held. ‘The Taliban must immediately release four journalists recently detained in Khost province and stop the harassment and intimidation of the press in Afghanistan,’ said Beh Lih Yi, CPJ’s Asia program coordinator. ‘The Taliban must abide by its own promise to protect press freedom. The Ministry for the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice should be held accountable for its crackdown on journalists.’”


Dawn: CTD Arrests Terrorist In Bajaur Raid

“CTD Malakand-II superintendent of police Amjad Ali Khan told a presser that the terrorist was held during a joint operation conducted by the CTD and the security forces. He said the terrorist was tasked to prepare suicide bombers for sabotage acts in the region. He said the CTD and security forces carried out an intelligence-based search and strike operation in Damadola Narai Kandao area of Bajaur on Monday night and arrested the militant identified as Ikramullah, while making a bomb. The official said a hand grenade, prima cord, safety fuses and 550 grams of explosives were also recovered from his possession. He said two other accomplices of the terrorist, identified as Adnan and Mushtaq of Khar, Bajaur, took advantage of the darkness and fled from the scene.”

The Jerusalem Post: Pakistan, Afghanistan To Increase Cooperation On Counterterrorism, Trade

“Pakistan and Afghanistan reiterated their desire for increased bilateral cooperation, especially around counterterrorism, at a meeting on Sunday between the countries’ foreign ministers. The talks followed a joint meeting between leaders from Pakistan, Afghanistan, and China. Pakistan’s Foreign Minister Bilawal Bhutto Zardari and Afghanistan’s interim Foreign Minister Amir Khan Muttaqi met in the Foreign Ministry office in Islamabad for ‘a candid and in-depth exchange on key issues of mutual concern, including peace and security, as well as trade and connectivity,’ a press release from Pakistan’s Foreign Ministry said. According to the press release, the two sides also discussed ‘the importance of removing impediments to trade in order to advance the goal of enhanced regional economic integration and connectivity.’”

Middle East

Associated Press: Israel Kills 2 Palestinian Gunmen In New West Bank Violence

“The Israeli military said it killed two Palestinian gunmen who fired on troops in the occupied West Bank early on Wednesday, the latest in near-daily violence roiling the region. The shooting came as tensions are at a fever pitch following a series of Israeli airstrikes in the Gaza Strip that killed three senior Islamic Jihad militants and 10 others — most of them women and children — on Tuesday. Palestinian militants have pledged to retaliate and Israel says it is prepared for a further escalation of hostilities. At noon Wednesday, the Israeli military said it conducted an airstrike targeting the militant Islamic Jihad group at a rocket launch site in southeast Gaza. Medics said the airstrike killed a man and seriously wounded another.”

The Times Of Israel: IDF Targets Islamic Jihad Rocket Launch Sites As It Renews Gaza Strikes

“The Israel Defense Forces says it is targeting Islamic Jihad rocket launching sites in Gaza. Images show smoke rising from the area. The strikes come more than a day after the Israel Defense Forces launched an operation against the Palestinian Islamic Jihad and assassinated three senior members of the terror group in simultaneous airstrikes across the Gaza Strip, days after a short-lived but fiery flareup of violence set the restive region on edge.”

The Jerusalem Post: Teen Terrorist Sentenced To 15 Years For Stabbing Jewish Youth

“A 16-year-old terrorist was sentenced to 15 years in prison for an anti-Jewish stabbing attack that left a Jewish youth with spinal damage, the Jerusalem District Court announced today.  The terrorist took a 15 centimeter kitchen knife from his home and went to a road in Jerusalem, where he identified a Jewish minor due to his religious garments. The attacker stabbed him in the back so hard that he was unable to retrieve the knife. The terrorist fled to a soccer field where he was captured by police. The terrorist expressed remorse at the trial, but the court determined the planned act had caused terrible injuries to the victim, to which he was struggling to recover. In addition to 15 years, the terrorist will be required to pay over NIS 250,000 in compensation to the victim.”


Garowe Online: Kenya Arrests Somalia-bound ISIS Recruits

“Three Kenya nationals are in police custody on suspicion that they were ontheir way to Puntland, Somalia to join IS-Somalia militants, a case filed in court by the state reveals, in yet another incident that showcases the growing influence of the group within the Horn of Africa region. Locally known as Dash in Somalia, the IS has a presence in DR Congo, Mozambique, South Africa, and the Sahel region in West Africa. The group has been trying to expand its territory in the Horn of Africa, choosing Somalia as the right destination, despite the presence of rivals Al-Shabaab. Those arrested were Ayub Bwanaadi, 32, and Mohammed Bwanaadi, 22 who are brothers as well as Kassim Ahmed, 29. They were arrested in Isiolo County on April 7 aboard a Moyale-bound bus by the Anti-Terrorism Police Unit [ATPU], who man the busy highway.”


The Print: Hybrid Terrorists Linked To New Offshoots Of Pak-backed Terror Outfits Involved In Collection, Distribution Of Sticky Bombs In J-K: NIA

“In an alarming revelation noted during its inquiry, the National Investigation Agency (NIA) said it has found the role of hybrid terrorists and Overground Workers (OWGs) linked with the newly-formed offshoots and affiliates of several major banned Pak-backed terror outfits in collection and distribution of sticky bombs or magnetic bombs in Jammu and Kashmir. ‘These cadres and workers are also found to be engaged in the collection and distribution of Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs), cash, drugs and small weapons, as well as in spreading activities relating to terror, violence and subversion in Jammu and Kashmir,’ said the Central agency.”

Daily Dose

Extremists: Their Words. Their Actions.


On September 26, 2018, an improvised explosive device planted at the foot of a bridge exploded, killing eight soldiers in the lead vehicle of a Burkinabe military convoy traveling in northern Burkina Faso. 

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