Eye on Extremism: April 28, 2023

Garowe Online: EU Pumps €4.5 Million For Stabilization Of Liberated Areas In Somalia

“As part of the efforts to help install civilian administrations in areas liberated from the Al-Shabaab militants, the European Union [EU] had pumped €4.5 million into Somalia which will aid in supporting various projects meant for the stabilization of the Horn of Africa nation. Areas supported are mainly located in Galmudug, Hirshabelle, South West, and Jubbaland where the government launched the first phase of a crackdown against Al-Shabaab, leading to the death of close to 3,000 militants according to statistics given by the interior and security ministry.On Wednesday, Somalias Minister of Interior, Federal, and Reconciliation, Ahmed Moallim Fig, representatives from the regional states, the European Union Ambassador to Somalia, Tina Intelmann, and NIS Foundation officials attended the launching of the Rapid Nationwide Stabilization Project in the capital Mogadishu.”

The Jerusalem Post: Attempted Ramming, Stabbing Attack In West Bank, Terrorist Shot

“A terrorist attempted to carry out a ramming attack before trying to stab people with a knife at Gitai Avishar junction on Highway 5 near Ariel in the West Bank on Thursday evening, according to the IDF Spokesperson's Unit. The attacker attempted to ram into people and drove into the opposite lane, but lost control of his car and crashed. He then got out of the car holding a knife and attempted to stab a police officer, before he was shot by a nearby IDF soldier. No injuries to Israeli citizens were reported. The terrorist was identified as 39-year-old Ahmad Taha, a resident of the West Bank town of Biddya who worked for the Palestinian Authority's security forces, according to Maariv.” ”

United States

New York Post: House Rejects Gaetz Resolution To Pull US Troops Out Of Somalia

“House lawmakers on Thursday rejected a resolution sponsored by Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-Fla.) that would have forced President Biden to withdraw US troops deployed to Somalia. Gaetz’s War Powers Resolution, which aimed to remove some 900 US troops from the African nation, was sunk by the House in a 102-321 vote, with opponents of the bill arguing that it would imperil US national security. ‘We do not want America’s military to be used as the neighborhood crime watch of Mogadishu,’ Gaetz said after the failed vote, referring to the Somali capital.  The Florida Republican argued during the floor debate on the measure that US service members in Somalia are not vital to protecting Americans and they won’t be able to prevent violent confrontations between al-Shabaab terrorists and the Somali government and civilians.”


Daily Sabah: Turkish Intelligence Captures Fugitive PKK Terrorist Abroad

“Rasim Akyol, a fugitive member of the PKK terrorist group, was brought to Türkiye after being captured by the National Intelligence Organization (MIT) in an unspecified country, security sources told media outlets Friday. Photos shared by security sources show Akyol at an undisclosed location between two Turkish flags. Akyol was seeking to flee into Europe from the country he was last residing in when he was captured. He was already convicted of supplying arms to terrorist groups by a Turkish court and sentenced to 15 years in prison in absentia. He was among those charged with aiding and abetting PKK members captured in 2018 in the southern Turkish province of Hatay with 25 kilos of explosives.”


Reuters: Pakistan Militant Attack Kills Three Troops, Officials Say

“Militants in northwest Pakistan set off a bomb while targeting a temporary military camp with rockets and guns, in an incident that killed at least three troops, security officials said on Friday, but there was no immediate claim of responsibility. The violence comes after Pakistan declared a new offensive against militants following a resurgence of attacks in recent months, such as a February mosque bombing that killed more than 100. Troops engaged the attackers for several hours from Thursday night in the district of Lakki Marwat, near a rugged tribal area bordering Afghanistan, two officials told Reuters, on condition of anonymity as they were not authorised to provide information. At least three troops and several of the militants died as a result, they added. The soldiers had been on their way to take up new posts at a nearby military base.”

Pakistan Today: Bomb Attack Kills Counter-Terrorism Official In Balochistan

“The station house officer (SHO) at a Counter-Terrorism Department (CTD) police station in Khuzdar in central Balochistan was killed in an explosion that targeted his vehicle on Thursday. According to Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP) Fahad Khosa, The incident occurred near the National Highway’s Jhalawan Medical College. The official, Sharbat Khan Umrani, was on his way to work when the blast took place. A bomb had been installed in his vehicle, according to Khosa. The body was transported to the District Headquarters Hospital, he said.”

Middle East

The Jerusalem Post: Lions' Den Leader Turns Himself In To Palestinian Authority - Report

“Udai Al-Azizi, a leader in the Nablus-based Lions' Den terrorist group, turned himself in to the Palestinian Authority's security forces in the early hours of Friday morning, according to Hebrew language media. He reportedly did this out of fear that he would be killed by Israeli security forces. Palestinian sources claim that the man who turned himself in is a wanted gunman who is not the leader of Lions' Den. The Lions' Den group first appeared last year in Nablus. It named its founder as Muhammad Azizi, who was killed in an IDF operation in the city in July. Azizi was also reportedly a member of the al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades.”

i24 News: Reports Of Clashes, Gunfire During IDF Raid In Jenin

“Israeli security forces mounted an anti-terrorism raid in the West Bank city of Jenin on Friday. Witnesses on social media said there were gunfire exchanges between Israeli soldiers and terrorists. A video posted to Twitter showed a convoy of Israeli military vehicles come under fire as it rides into Jenin. The West Bank city is a hotbed for Palestinian terrorism and the frequent site of Israel Defense Forces (IDF) operations.”


Associated Press: Gunmen Kill 15 People, Abduct 5 Aid Workers In North Nigeria

“Gunmen killed 15 villagers and abducted five aid workers in separate attacks in Nigeria’s troubled northern region, authorities said Thursday. The assailants arrived in Benue state’s Apa area and opened fire on villagers in their homes, according to David Olofu, a senior state government official. He said military personnel were among those shot in the attack and many houses were razed as villagers fled to safety. The incident in Benue is the latest in a spiral of violent attacks in which armed groups are targeting remote communities across Nigeria’s northwest and central regions, often defying government and security measures. More than 80 people have been killed in Benue in the past month in such attacks.”


AFP News: Suspected Jihadists Kill 33 Burkina Faso Troops: Army

“An attack by suspected jihadists killed 33 soldiers in eastern Burkina Faso on Thursday, the army said. A contingent of troops came across ‘a complex, large-scale attack’ in the East region which also left 12 soldiers wounded, according to an army statement. The soldiers ‘neutralised at least 40 terrorists before the arrival of reinforcements’ during the ‘particularly intense fighting’, it added. The wounded troops have been evacuated and are being treated by the health services, the army said.”

Atalayar: Morocco Arrests 13 Suspected Terrorists Linked To Daesh

“A new successful operation by Moroccan security forces. This time, the Moroccan anti-terrorist services arrested 13 suspected jihadists linked to Daesh in several interventions carried out in ten cities in the North African country. The alleged jihadists planned to attack public buildings and the infrastructure of the Moroccan security forces themselves. They have now been brought before the courts while the Public Prosecutor's Office investigates more about their background, plans and links with certain jihadist groups or elements, as reported by the EFE news agency.”

United Kingdom

BBC: Pressure Could Affect Terror Attack Response - Report

“London’s emergency services are facing ‘capacity pressures’ that may impact their ability to respond to major terrorist incidents, City Hall politicians say. The warning comes in a new report published by the London Assembly’s police and crime committee. The cross-party group said although there had been some improvements on how blue-light services worked together to prepare and respond to terror attacks, pressures remained. The capital’s emergency services each noted the report's recommendations and gave assurances they were working to ensure robust plans were in place.”

The National: UK Sanctions Two Afghans Over ISIS Ties

“The UK government has announced sanctions on two Afghan men due to their leadership roles in ISIS-K. Maulawi Rajab was described by Britain and the UN as a senior leader of ISIS-Khorasan Province, a branch of the terror group that operates in Afghanistan, and Sultan Aziz Azam as a spokesman for the group. The British government said it had imposed a travel ban and asset freeze under its ISIS and Al Qaeda sanctions programme. The UN Security Council on Wednesday also approved the addition of the Afghan men as those subject to its asset freeze and travel ban programme.”


Anadolu Agency: PKK Terrorist Activities In Sweden Stymie NATO Membership Bid, Admits Minister

“The Swedish foreign minister has admitted that the PKK terrorist organization's extensive activities in his country are the reason Türkiye is preventing Sweden from joining NATO, an intergovernmental military alliance of 31 countries, 29 European and two North American. Stockholm has an obligation to deal with this matter and satisfy Türkiye, Tobias Billstrom said in an interview with the Swedish daily Dagens Nyheter on Wednesday. The PKK has ‘extensive work in Sweden to raise money and finance terrorist activities aimed at Türkiye,’ the minister was quoted as saying in the daily. Billstrom added that the organization also uses Sweden as a base for drug sales and other activities that also harm Swedish society.”


The Guardian: Lawyers Outraged By Government Failure To Disclose Terrorism-Prediction Tool’s Serious Problems

“Lawyers for four men targeted using extraordinary terrorism powers are outraged at the failure to disclose serious problems with a tool being used to predict their clients’ likelihood of future offending. The lawyers say the conduct should be subject to urgent judicial review. Guardian Australia revealed earlier this month that the Morrison government was warned of problems with the tool before using it on 14 occasions over three years, including to justify the use of detention powers for terrorist offenders who had finished their sentences. But it can also be revealed that the federal government did not tell the NSW government for more than two years that it had received an independent report which was highly critical of the assessment tool, meaning that it continued to be used in NSW court cases to justify the ongoing detention or monitoring of offenders after they had finished their sentences.”

Daily Dose

Extremists: Their Words. Their Actions.


On September 26, 2018, an improvised explosive device planted at the foot of a bridge exploded, killing eight soldiers in the lead vehicle of a Burkinabe military convoy traveling in northern Burkina Faso. 

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