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YouTube, Alexandria Walden, Siege, David Ibsen||CEP Staff
Tech Giant’s Inaction Shows Once Again that Reality Does Not Match up With Corporate Rhetoric
Mark Zuckerberg, Regulation, Lobbying||CEP Staff
Following Mark Zuckerberg’s Op-Ed in Support of Regulation, Facebook Must Cease all Related Lobbying Work
Regulation, Extremist Content, David Ibsen||CEP Staff
Industry Must Fulfill Promises to Adopt Effective Standards and Policies or Face Regulation
New Zealand, Facebook, Dr. Hany Farid||CEP Staff
Company’s Promises to do More to Combat Hate Speech, Re-Uploads of Known Terrorist Material are Again Proven Meaningless
Mozilla, Cloudflare, EU Terror Content Regulation||CEP Staff
Mozilla & Cloudflare Endorse Claim Proposed Regulations Will do “Nothing” to Reduce Threats of Terror
Encryption, Apple, David Ibsen, Mark Wallace, Sayed Farook||CEP Staff
Tech Companies Defy Australian & U.K. Governments on Encryption Laws